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About us

“ I knew I wanted a career in beauty, but the people around me at the time didn’t believe I could build a company of my own,But I did it.

Find my own success, I made it my mission to learn everything there was to know about lash extensions!"

Hello there!

My name is Liza Karam and I am founder of Perfect Look Lash Studio, Academy and Products.

More then 6 years in sphere of eyelash extensions I have experienced all sorts of issued myself. I have spent years practicing, experimenting, researching and creating my own techniques.

I became international top-master and trainer. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping others become successful and self-sufficient.


Perfect Look studio

At Our studio, nothing is more important to us then offering a level of quality not found in any other eyelash extension studio in Lebanon. We made hundreds of satisfied clients the look that they desire and more important, the look that they deserve. Perfect Look is always standing at the ready to provide you with the highest level service and unrivalled satisfaction with every unique service that we offer.

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The Brand Perfect Look

We are a Brand that is transparent and back up all our products with science.

We are a Brand that invests in our Artists, by building trust and long lasting relationships.

We are a Brand that strives to be there for Artists when they need us.

We are a Brand that believes in Education, by investing in all our Students to ensure they’re successful.

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